Artificial Intelligence (Part 1)

Aristotle 384 - 322 BC

Aristotle 384 – 322 BC

The first subject of this blog is about the study of artificial intelligence (AI).

The common idea about AI is that it is about making computers intelligent and enable such computers to think. This is more or less correct but not quite the whole story.

“AI… is concerned with intelligent behaviour in artefacts”
(Nilsson, 1998)

The study of AI is not only about making artefacts (Computers usually) to intelligent things, but actually trying to understand how thoughts, free will and actions are created and how a physical object is able to create those relatively abstract concepts, real. Although those subjects are vey fascinating I will leave most of those discussions to the Philosophers and Neuroscientists to explain. I will focus on the Computer Science part of AI, which is how to make a computer simulate Problem Solving, Reasoning, Planning, Learning and executing Actions.
Over the next couple of months, several posts will be in those areas with both Theoretical and Practical examples.